Drawing Crash Course

Dates: October 28, 2017

Meets: Saturday from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Location: 126 Biggin Hall

Registration Fee: $69.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

Learn the skill of observation. This four hour workshop will open your eyes to a new way of seeing the world around you. Learn how the act of drawing can become a time of meditation. You will explore traditional approaches to drawing; learning the difference between viewpoint and focal point, the importance of shading to create the optical illusion of depth, and how basic shapes can help you to construct a complex subject. You will also be introduced to the intuitive world of artists with exercises from "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".

No previous drawing skills are necessary.

No supplies to purchase.
Fee: $69.00

Call us at 334-844-5100 to see if you qualify for a discount on this course.

126 Biggin Hall

Auburn University campus