Court Reporting at Home - Broadcast (Closed Captioning) Professional Development Program

Dates: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023

Meets: Online Certificate Programs

Location: Home Study

Registration Fee: $1,534.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

Broadcast Course Description

This self-paced, NCRA-approved, home study program is designed to assist court reporters to transition to the career of Broadcast (Closed) Captioning. Captioners write television programs realtime for hearing impaired persons to read, placing captions beneath the television program instantaneously, immediately … realtime. Court Reporting students improve their realtime writing skill to allow their steno notes to translate more accurately as required by captioning employers.

The U. S. Department of Labor projects the career of broadcast (closed) captioning will be in great demand through 2018.

Upon completion of training, students are prepared to caption television programs. Successful completers will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Auburn University. The student may also voluntarily pass an exam to be awarded 1.0 Professional Development Credit (continuing education unit) through the National Court Reporters Association.

There are no prerequisites. However, court reporters should be able to write a minimum of 200 wpm Q&A in order to perform to the level of proficiency required by realtime writing employers. If a student cannot write 200 wpm Q&A, additional speed building practice materials will be furnished to the student without charge to allow them to increase their speed while improving their realtime skills. This skills-based program requires memorization and practice.

Broadcast (Closed) Captioning Program Contents include:

" Realtime Reporting and Captioning Theory for Reporters
" Theory Dictation CDs with a Drill for each realtime writing theory lesson
" Captioning DVDs with transcripts and glossaries
" 160-180-200 wpm Extended Literary Dictation on CD with transcripts
" 5 Literary tests at 180 wpm on CD with transcripts
" 5 Q&A tests at 225 wpm on CD with transcripts
" 5 Q&A tests at 200 wpm on CD with transcripts
" Frequently Asked Captioning Questions
" NCRA's 30 Recommended Glossaries
" 5 Additional Glossaries
" Personal Grading Chart
" Captioning Writing and Formatting Recommendations
" NCRA's CBC (Certified Broadcast Captioner) What Constitutes an Error?
" Progress Checklist
" Grading Charts and Manual Calculation Sheets or Computer Program to calculate your degree of accuracy

Additional speed building materials are available without charge if necessary.
Fee: $1,534.00

Home Study

Court Reporting at Home

Date Day Time Location
10/01/2022Saturday12M to 12M Home Study
10/02/2022Sunday12M to 12M Home Study
10/03/2022Monday12M to 12M Home Study
10/04/2022Tuesday12M to 12M Home Study
10/05/2022Wednesday12M to 12M Home Study


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