Introduction to Raku Pottery Fall Session

Meets: Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CST)

Location: 3-D Arts Building

Registration Fee: $149.00

There are 4 openings remaining at this time.

Raku is a method of fast-firing ceramics with both a fascinating process and a storied history. Students will learn the basic processes involved, and a bit of history and simple glaze chemistry. The class will prepare clay suitable for the Raku process, formulate a simple glaze and variations, create vessels or sculpture using sound techniques, and then fire their pieces in the dramatic American Raku process. The class fee includes all materials and firing, but does not include personal tools used for sculpting or throwing. Participants will be encouraged to bring in special materials for post-fire reduction and the stuff for S'mores. Get ready to SAFELY play with the primordial elements of Earth and Fire. Week 1: First session is an introduction to the process and the criteria for a successful Raku piece. Second session is making the clay and basic clay formulation. Week 2: Both sessions are for making work, sculpting or wheel throwing. Week 3: First session is glaze formulation. Second session is glazing the work. Week 4: Both sessions are for firing the works. Please Note: It is strongly recommended that you take "Beginners Pottery" or "Pottery Techniques and Skills" or a comparable pottery class as a pre-requisite before taking this class.
Fee: $149.00

3-D Arts Building

1161 W. Samford
(Auburn University campus)
Date Day Time Location
11/02/2020Monday7 PM to 9 PM 3-D Arts Building
11/04/2020Wednesday7 PM to 9 PM 3-D Arts Building
11/09/2020Monday7 PM to 9 PM 3-D Arts Building
11/11/2020Wednesday7 PM to 9 PM 3-D Arts Building
11/16/2020Monday7 PM to 9 PM 3-D Arts Building
11/18/2020Wednesday7 PM to 9 PM 3-D Arts Building
11/23/2020Monday7 PM to 9 PM 3-D Arts Building