Elder Planning Counselor Designation: Online course


Location: Online Computer

Registration Fee: $995.00

The Elder Planning Counselor Designation program is about PEOPLE COMMUNICATING WITH PEOPLE. Communication, knowledge and presentation skills are important if you are to deliver your message and take care of elder needs. Having vast knowledge but not the skills to communicate with elders is like a racing car…a fast engine…but no transmission to shift gears! Are you positive that your elder or senior clients are convinced that you add value? The elders of today and tomorrow have a complete set of unique issues and concerns that they feel need to be addressed as a package in order to best handle their affairs. Our specialized program will teach you about the many essential and timely topics that the 50+ populations in the United States say are the most relevant issues for them, and they look to professionals who can guide them in and through retirement. Critical issues will be covered such as: health and caregiving concerns and options, chronic illnesses, marketing to elders and end of life planning, financial planning, estate planning, taxation investments, and issues facing snowbirds are all discussed as they pertain to the unique issue’s, priorities and interests of an aging population. Many health, social needs and related topics such as: Long Term Care, Critical Illnesses, Government Benefits, as well as associated legal issues and strategies will be discussed. Your clients will be seeking out the Elder Planning Counselor in their Community who has demonstrated a commitment to professional development with a specialty in dealing with an aging population. Be there for them! As such, this program will be of value to any profession dealing with elders.
Fee: $995.00

Online Computer