Related Courses

Persons who have taken Benefits Administration (ACRMS) may also be interested in the following courses (click on the catalog code link to see a list of upcoming course sections):

RM-BASICS    Risk Management Basics (ACRMS)
Introduction to important definitions, develop knowledge of important terms. Insurance will also be discussed.

RM-LEGAL    Risk Management Legal Foundations (ACRMS)
Laws surrounding risk management will be discussed as well as ways to protect the agency from liability.

RM-SAFETY    Safety and Health
This course will provide a knowledge foundation of OSHA and the exemptions for local governments. Participants will investigate areas of safety and liability concern for local governments, discuss the importance of safety policy and implementation of such policies and discuss ways to improve the safety culture.

RM-WRKCOMP    Workers' Compensation
Participants will develop a foundational knowledge of the history of workers' compensation, discuss the structure of the current US system and identify fraudulent claims.

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