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Persons who have taken Overview of Alabama Public Personnel Administration may also be interested in the following courses (click on the catalog code link to see a list of upcoming course sections):

APA-FSL    AAPPA: Federal and State Laws
A fundamental responsibility of the public personnel administrator is to ensure compliance of the governmental entity with the numerous laws and regulations affecting human resource administration in the public sector. This course provides the legal context, history and emerging legal trends for practicing public personnel administration. The course includes discussion and application of such laws as the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Pay Act, and Age discrimination in Employment Act.

APA-RECRUT    Recruitment, Selection and Retention
This course examines legal implications of recruitment and selection practices, and provides a working knowledge of job success predictors, pre-employment inquiries, and affirmative action planning. The course also provides necessary information on developing employees and measuring work contributions, compensating employees and reducing turnover.

APA-DEVPPP    Developing Personnel Polcies and Procedures
A public organization's personnel policies and procedures can be an effective tool in enhancing morale, improving productivity, maintaining discipline, and avoiding litigation. This short course provides guidelines to assist the HR manager of a public organization to review the policies and procedures of the government or agency to ensure that they are up-to-date, practical, and legal. In addition, the course discusses ways that the HR manager can help the elected officials, appointed officials, and the front line supervisors understand and follow these procedures competently and fairly.

An overview of the law, special provisions, amendments, and investigation of complaints are presented in this course. Practical exercises are used to address problems that are common to implementing this law effectively.

APA-JAJD    AAPPA: Job Analysis & Job Descriptions
The foundation of any public human resource organization is the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive and updated system of job analysis and job descriptions. This short course provides an introduction to the benefits and methods of job analysis; procedures for the development and maintenance of job descriptions; and practical methods to integrate job descriptions with the selection, performance evaluation, promotion, and compensation processes of the public organization.

APA-PAEE    Performance Appraisals and Employee Evaluation
This course discusses the types of performance appraisal systems, their uses, and the importance of performance counseling. An exercise in developing a performance appraisal system provides hands-on experience to participants.

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